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Decorations & Plantings at the Elsberry City Cemetery


City Hall has received a few calls regarding plantings and decorations at the City Cemetery so below is the city ordinance on cemetery regulations regarding decorations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elsberry City Hall at 573-898-5588. 

Thank you!



1.Flowers are to be maintained and removed when they become faded and unsightly.

2. Funeral flowers may remain on the grave for a maximum of three (3) days after burial. After this time period, the City may remove the funeral flowers without notice.

3. Flags may only be placed on or beside a headstone monument between three (3) days prior to and seven (7) days after Memorial Day, July Fourth (4th), and Veterans Day.  Flags may be no larger than eighteen (18) inches by twelve (12) inches. All flags that are faded or torn or which contain offensive language or symbols, in the opinion of the City, will be removed by the City.

4. Grave blankets are allowed after November first (1st) but must be removed by March first (1st).

5. One (1) "eternal" or "memorial" type light is permitted per headstone monument. Only battery or solar operated styles that do not flash are allowed. The light must be securely mounted to the tombstone and be secured in such a manner that it cannot blow or fall off.

6. No plantings other than grass, glass or ceramic holders, balloons, gravel or rocks are permitted on grave sites. Flowers may be planted immediately adjacent to the headstone but may not extend more than six inches from the foundation apron.

7. No fences, stakes, curbs, corner markers, or rails shall be allowed, whether of material or living substance, to mark individual lots or graves.

8. The City reserves the right to remove and dispose of flowers that have become unsightly or become detached from a monument without notice or compensation. The City also reserves the right to remove all non-conforming materials including an eternal or memorial light if it becomes a maintenance issue or exceeds the number allowed without notice or compensation.